Bella Hadid at Rolex Replica Watches’s Flagship Store Opening in London




Rolex Replica Watches Bellytanker with brown calfskin strap



Rolex Replica Watches open its first Usa flagship boutique at 449 Oxford Street, London. Just in time for Christmas, the store was formally opened with much fanfare by supermodel and TAG brand ambassador Bella Hadid.


But, oh! that dial! Bell & Ross describes it as “gilt,” a warm coppery-gold that could also pass for light tan. It’s adorned with metal appliqué indices and a large “6” and “12” in the best Bell & Ross manner. The steel hour and minute hands are skeletonised and filled with white Superluminova® while the seconds hands and those on the counters are stark white. An ultra-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating protects it.(Audemars Piguet Replica)

Rolex Replica Watches.jpg


Now, the bad news: there will only be 500 examples of this limited edition. Once the belly racers learn of it, they’ll probably disappear as quickly as the cars after which they’re named.

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