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You know what "Swiss Made" means when it comes to watches, and we all know what "Made in China" denotes.Did you know, however, that "Made in Germany" was originally a British label designed to disparageGerman-madegoods?

Today, many German companies use "Made in Germany", as an identifier. A recent study has shown that "Made in Germany", is the most respected "Made in" moniker.

Meisterkries is an even higher designation that distinguishes truly exceptional companies. Companies such as Leica Cameras and Nesmuk Knives. Porsche Automobiles, Steinway Pianos, and... u-boat replica Original Timepieces.

The Meisterkreis was created to elevate "Made in Germany", focusing on the top companies in Germany.

Clemens-Pflanz, Chairman of the Master Circle says, "Meisterkreis is for excellence." We don't care about luxury in Germany. Luxury is an attitude. We care about Germany's highest quality, creativity, and sustainability. Meisterkreis's goal is to bring together the best German companies in order to create a new Avant Garde. It also aims to preserve a strong tradition German excellence.

To learn more about German excellence,u-boat replica buy my trip to Germany was to visit three companies.


Although I must admit that I flew breitling replica to Dusseldorf via Swiss Airlines I thought I was in great shape because they are a partner airline with Lufthansa. I planned to rent a car from the airport and drive with Nesmuk Knives and Leica Camera.

The lady at Avis smiled when I arrived to pick up my car and asked if I would like to upgrade to a Porsche 911 for EUR50 per day.

I said yes quickly and was soon behind the wheel of a German-made sportscar. With only seven kilometers remaining, I was the first to drive it. I was speeding down the Autobahn at 140 mph heading towards my first stop.


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